Scarborough: MSM Loathes Romney, Would Marry McCain If It Could

January 7th, 2008 7:02 AM

Just in case anyone doubted it . . .

From today's Morning Joe.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: The press corps, for the most part, there are exceptions, loathe Mitt Romney. And the press corps loved to see all of the Republicans [at the ABC debate this past Saturday night] kicking the tar out of him, and they were all sitting there smirking. But I thought it was too much. I think if you're sitting at home in New Hampshire, you sit back after a while and you say, first of all, why does John McCain hate personally so much. But secondly, why are they all attacking Mitt Romney? He must be the guy with the ball; he must be the guy who's ahead.

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DAVID SHUSTER: Well, they did it pretty effectively. But you're right, if John McCain is driving down the street and he sees Mitt Romney, he puts his foot on the accelerator and runs him over. I mean, it was a great line at the debate Saturday night. There's McCain sitting there talking about Romney's negative ads and calling McCain's immigration plan amnesty, and McCain says "you can spend your entire personal fortune, but that doesn't make it true." Great line, it had sort of a harsh edge to it, you get very close to --

SCARBOROUGH: Exactly. That's the point. Great line for the press, who doesn't seem to like Mitt Romney, and who I think every last one of them would move to Massachussets and marry John McCain if they could, but what does it mean to the New Hampshire voter at home that doesn't want to see this anger in John McCain they saw back in 2000?