Carlson Backs Moran Down on Bush=Hitler Card

If whoever plays the Nazi-analogy card first loses, then Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.) is a double loser. First, for having played the Bush = Hitler card, second, for lacking the courage to stick by his slander.

Moran, a member of Congress' Out-of-Iraq Caucus, was a guest on this evening's Tucker. The eponymous host was hammering him over the fact that despite all their inflamed anti-war rhetoric, the Dems have folded like the proverbial lawn chair, caving to all President Bush's funding requests for Iraq. When Moran could take the taunting no longer, he resorted to the loser's strategy. But watch how he back-pedaled when Carlson called him on it . . .

View video here.

JAMES MORAN: When is [Pres. Bush] going to show some real respect for our troops? Show us what your plan is. What is your exit strategy? It's been five years now! How about an exit strategy, Mr. President, and those of you who support the president's policy?

TUCKER CARLSON: And yet he's still beating ya. I mean, he's crushing, spanking you. You've gotten nowhere and he's gotten everything he wants. Maybe it's time to revise your strategy, don't you think?

MORAN: Well, you know, I could take you back to the '30s and early '40s when there were some pretty bad people who were winning, but they weren't running for the right cause. This is not the right cause.

CARLSON: Comparing Bush to Hitler?

MORAN: I didn't say that.

CARLSON: Well I'm asking you: is that what you're doing?

MORAN: I, I, I'm just telling you that they, ah, you can have, ah, victories one after another, but they're not they're not sustainable because they're not for the right reasons.

Score this one Tucker: 1, Moran: -2.

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