Why Doesn't Carlson Dare Name Dem Consultants Who Call Republicans Racist?

On this afternoon's "Tucker," the eponymous host was discussing with Dem strategist Peter Fenn and former Dem congressman Tom Andrews [a grown-up among liberals, IMHO] the unwillingness of the leading GOP presidential contenders to participate in the debate moderated by Tavis Smiley, billed as addressing issues of concern to black Americans.

On the one hand, Tucker criticized the Republicans' reticence. On the other, he flashed anger at the way Dems play the race card. Carlson concluded with a particularly tantalizing comment.

View video here.

TUCKER CARLSON: I do think the Democrats ought to stop calling everybody who disagrees with them racists. I mean what the hell is that? It's so immoral to say that. It's such a horrible thing to call someone a racist.

PETER FENN: I'm not calling them racists.

CARLSON: I don't think you are. You know exactly who does. There are consultants in your party who have made a living for 40 years -- you know exactly who I'm talking about -- you know -- I dare not speaketh the name, but anyway, they do it every time.

Why dare not Tucker speaketh the name? If Carlson is as outraged by the tactics as he appeared to be, if he and Fenn and no doubt others know "exactly" who Tucker's talking about, why not put it out there? Dems have never been shy in naming, for example, the late Lee Atwater for his campaign tactics.

So let's see. We're apparently talking about a long-time Dem consultant at the presidential level. Who could it be?

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