Globe's Carroll: Bush, Not Ahmadinejad, Desecrates Ground Zero

This morning's column by James Carroll, the Boston Globe's resident gushy liberal, is so predictable you wonder whether it might have been produced by a liberal-column-generator software program. You know the kind: insert issue, names of political players, a few factoids, and let the program spit out the boilerplate of a standard leftist diatribe.

I mean, as soon as you knew that Carroll was writing a column about Ahmadinejad's visit to the U.S., could there be any doubt as to where he'd come down on the controversy surrounding the Iranian president's desire to visit Ground Zero? And Carroll doesn't disappoint. Naturally, this was just one big Kumbaya moment squandered:
What if, instead of shunting Ahmadinejad aside as one unworthy to enter the sanctuary of our national trauma, we Americans had said, "Yes - stand here with us. Look at what threatens the universal future if we do not find other ways to relate to each other than with contempt. Relive that horrible September morning with us, when the rank evil of terrorism showed itself with such clarity that the human family, decidedly including the Iranian nation, stood together against it. Let solidarity be the meaning of this place."
Can you feel the love?

And yes, of course we knew that Carroll would have his "it's all Bush's fault" moment. Even so, the former priest outdoes himself with his concluding paragraph, flatly stating that it is our president, and not the, shall we say, eccentric Iranian leader, who by his presence defiles the 9-11 site [emphasis added].
Here is George Bush's most grievous failure: Instead of enabling his nation to reckon with the blow of Sept. 11, and move on from it, he has worsened that anguish immeasurably. Yes, Ground Zero is a holy place, but Bush is the one who desecrates it.
It might be time to recalibrate that liberal-column generating program, turning the rant level down a few notches. We don't want to make the putative authors look like complete fools now, do we?
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