Behar Suggests Republicans Too Busy at 'Klan Meeting' to Attend Minority Debates

A presidential election must be approaching: liberals are playing the Republicans-are-evil-racists card. People will recall the notorious NAACP 2000 campaign commercial that equated George W. Bush with someone who dragged a black man to death behind his car on a chain.

On today's "View," Joy Behar [file photo] offered a similar slur: GOP = KKK.

Talk had turned to the fact that most of the Republican presidential candidates declined to participate in two Latino-oriented debates held earlier this year. The leading candidates have now indicated that they will also be taking a pass on a September 27th debate at Morgan State University organized by Tavis Smiley and to be broadcast on PBS.

That's when Behar offered her pearl of wisdom.

JOY BEHAR: Scheduling conflict? What, were they at a Klan meeting at the same time?

H/t Diego and Jim Pinkerton.

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