Globe Editorial: Unborn Children Better Dead Than Unwanted

July 29th, 2006 5:29 PM

The unborn children of teenage mothers who don't want them are better off dead. I don't see any other way to intepret the Boston Globe's editorial of this morning Pregnant and Frightened. The editorial was prompted by a recently-passed Senate bill prohibiting the transport of minors across state lines for purposes of an abortion in violation of parental consent or notification laws.

In the course of condemning the legislation, the Globe wrote:

"It is hard to see how forcing a frightened 15-year-old to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term will improve the life of the teen or her child."

It's hard for the Globe to see how being permitted to live will improve the unborn child's life? The Globe clearly seems to be concluding that death would be kinder for the unborn child. Appalled? Can't imagine the editorial getting worse? Read on:

"Unsurprisingly, teen mothers are far more likely to be unmarried, to drop out of school, and to live in poverty than women who delay pregnancy. Their babies suffer higher infant mortality rates."

The Globe expresses a tender concern about high infant mortality rates among children born to teenage mothers. The Globe's preferred solution? The 100% mortality rate of abortion. This is liberal logic at its most grotesque.