Michelle's Wacky Weather World, Part II: Cold, Snow Portend More . . . Hurricanes

March 21st, 2006 8:28 AM
I will always have a soft spot for NBC reporter Michelle Kosinski. After all, it was Michelle's Canoe-Gate stunt that got my NewsBusters career off to a nice start. Michelle was back on the weather beat on this morning's Today show. And once again she made a weather-related allegation that strained credulity.

As we know, in MSM-land all extreme weather events from the very hot to the very cold are somehow the result of global warming. Michelle's topic this morning was the record-breaking cold and heavy snows that have swept the nation's mid-section. She reported from a very cold and snowy Springfield, Illinois [snow in Springfield on the first full day of spring - haha, we get it]. But somehow, Michelle managed to parlay this unusually cold and wintry weather into the threat of . . . increased hurricane activity, which of course is the result of unusually warm weather in the tropics.

According to Kosinski: "Wild weather is hammering much of the country and some experts feel this could herald bad tornado and hurricane seasons."

Bad hurricane seasons? Really? The NASA climatologist expert she brought on spoke only of the way in which the unusual cold could portend "a very, very active tornado season." Not a peep about hurricanes. But anything is possible . . . in Michelle's wacky weather world.

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