Swarming with Skepticism: 'Today' Wonders "Were Iraqi Targets Hit?"

March 17th, 2006 7:44 AM

When does healthy reportorial reserve cross the line into cynicism? Today's coverage this morning of Operation Swarmer, the counter-insurgency offensive in the Samarra region of Iraq, illustrates the issue.

NBC's skepticism was as clear as the legend that appeared on-screen throughout the segment: "Were Iraqi Targets Hit?" Surely it is appropriate to ask and try to answer how effective a military operation has been. But in openly wondering whether any targets were hit, Today perhaps comes close to labelling the operation a sham.

Questions about NBC's motives were only heightened when immediately following the Samarra segment, Today ran a piece, narrated by White House antagonist-in-chief David Gregory, which posed the question: "Politics of War: Can Bush Overcome Iraq?"

Gregory asserted that "the White House is certainly looking for a way to end the president's second-term slide." He then added: "when a president has an unpopular war, until people feel better about it, they are not going to listen to him."

So, was NBC's 'subliminable' message here that Swarmer was more of a political operation than a military one, leading Today to ask whether targets were hit at all?

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