Fox's Phillips: No DNA, No Tookie Execution, Since 'A Number' of Innocents Were Executed

No DNA evidence, no execution of Tookie Williams. That's the standard Fox & Friends Weekend host Julian Phillips established this morning. As he put it:

"The issue for me is, is he guilty or is he not? He still maintains his innocence. If they can prove through DNA and other stuff, fine."

To bolster his case, Phillips asserted:

"There have been a number of cases where people on death row have been executed and it's later found out through DNA evidence that they are innocent."

Oh, really? It's not surprising that Phillips didn't cite any examples to support his contention. Even avid death-penalty opponents have been unable to point to a single unequivocal case of a man being executed who was later proved innocent by DNA.

Take this article on the death penalty from MSNBC, which no one would excuse of being a mouthpiece for the hang-em-high crowd:

"There is no official proof an innocent person has been executed."

Phillips' co-host Page Hopkins provided counter-balance, expressing skepticism about Williams' rehabilitation and adding:

"Why is he being singled out when less-illustrious death row inmates are not? Because they don't have Hollywood rallying around them, a movie has not been made about their lives."

Those interested in reviewing the overwhelming case against Williams might wish to read this article from the Long Beach Press Telegram.

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