Cat-Out-of-Bag Moment: Russert Lets Slip that DeLay Indictment is "Fierce Partisan" Infighting by Dems

September 29th, 2005 8:27 AM

With a tone and a look on his face suggesting "what have I just done?", Tim Russert let the cat out of the bag this morning about the Dems' political motivations in the prosecution of Tom DeLay.

The context was an otherwise-predictable interview with Katie Couric of the Today show. But toward the end, Russert had this to say: "DeLay is a fierce partisan infighter" then added "and the Democrats realize that and are trying to respond in kind."

Whoops! That kind of candor isn't supposed to slip through the MSM filter, particularly coming from one its leading 'wise men.' Thanks, Tim!