Is CNN's Bill Carter Doubting Biden's Competency As POTUS?

June 8th, 2022 10:01 PM

It appears that the left’s trust in Biden’s capabilities as president is waning, and the Wednesday edition of CNN’s New Day serves as evidence to this. Co-host Brianna Keilar went into a brief history of presidents going on late-night talk shows amid Biden’s upcoming appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! later this evening.

“There has been a long history of presidential candidates and presidents appearing on late-night TV beginning with JFK on the Jack Paar Show in 1960,” said Keilar. This will be Biden’s first late show interview as president, with CNN media analyst Bill Carter adding that Obama was “the first president in office ever to appear on late-night shows.”



The topic of discussion did not stop there. Keilar asked Carter his thoughts on Biden’s upcoming appearance when considering how low his approval ratings are. Carter said that this might be “a positive thing” for Biden since this will give him the opportunity to “be relaxed and maybe have some laughs and joke around.”

Everyone can agree that it is nice to take a break from the stresses of life to relax and laugh without a care in the world. However, it is safe to say that most Americans are not going to be fully relaxing any time soon due to this President’s policies that are causing people to barely get by; especially at the grocery store and the gas pump.

Carter even made a point saying that presidents go on late-night shows as a way to try and “stoke” their image. People might not take kindly to Biden going on a late-night talk show when he should be actively working to repair the damage he has done since being sworn in. So, the chances of him winning the American people back by going on Kimmel’s show is slim.

However, besides Biden’s sinking approval ratings, it appears that Bill Carter is doubting the current President in his ability to lead. While he says that Biden could use this talk show opportunity to his advantage, he phrased it as “I think Biden can use a little bit of-- a bit of exposure that may not be too challenging for him.”

“Exposure that may not be too challenging,” what could Carter mean by this? Is he thinking about all of Biden’s media blunders in the past that include him jumbling his words incoherently (along with many more)? And on top of all that, the policies he and his administration ingeniously put in place that all Americans excluding themselves are suffering under?

This is really telling of what the left is thinking about their golden choice in the 2020 election. They are definitely rethinking their vote, and if some of them are trying to deny the reality, then they are just flat-out foolish for it. For the President of the United States, a TV hit with a friendly comedian should be a piece of cake!

So if people, especially his own supporters are questioning his ability to do this easy appearance, that is a bad sign for Biden, his administration, and maybe even his party, especially in future elections to come.

This example of media bias is brought to you by Neutrogena and Dove. 

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CNN’s New Day
6:37:05 a.m. Eastern

BRIANNA KEILAR: There’s been a long history of presidential candidates and presidents appearing on late-night TV beginning with JFK on the Jack Par Show back in 1960 and tonight President Biden will appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live for his first in-studio late-night interview as president. 

Joining us now to talk about it is CNN media analyst Bill Carter. Bill, I wonder what you think about this appearance, what he's hoping to achieve, especially considering the timing with his approval rating being low. 

BILL CARTER: Well, clearly this is an appearance meant to, you know, give him a forum where he can be relaxed and maybe–maybe have some laughs and joke around, and, and you know, it will be a positive thing for him. I think it's always been that way with late-night when you’re–you’re a candidate, you feel like you have to do it for exposure. It's rarely done when you’re in office. 

I mean, Obama was the first president in office ever to appear on–on late-night shows because it looks more like you're not, not campaigning at this point, you're just trying, you know to stoke your image. Obama was really good at it and the late-night people really wanted him. I think Biden can use a little bit of a, you know a bit of exposure that may not be too, you know challenging for him.

Although I would expect that Jimmy Kimmel who is a -- certainly a guy he expects to be sympathetic, will probably, you know, find some questions to ask him that were, that are serious questions because that's expected of him.