Courting the Activia Demo: Jamie Lee Curtis Says Clinton’s ‘Experience Will “Trump” Everything’

The entertainment types that form Hillary Clinton’s Hollywood base continue to show up in Iowa, trying to dig the political superstar out of her growing deficit to geriatric Vermont socialist Bernie Sanders. Last week it was pop tart Demi Lovato in an effort to reach young women. On Sunday, it was actress Jamie Lee Curtis (Trading Places, Freaky Friday) in an eforrt to reach ... not young women. Curtis offered a sweeping endorsement of the Democratic presidential candidate based on a dubious principle.

Clinton’s “experience will ‘trump’ everything,” the actress told supporters Sunday in Waukee. See what she did there? Hollywood stars are so clever! And Iowa liberals are too, since the crowd of 60 or so applauded the jab at Donald Trump.

Clinton’s experience as former senator, First Lady and Secretary of State are what impresses Curtis. “Remember the term ‘merit-based? When you get something because you’ve earned it?” asked the daughter of Hollywood legends Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh about the wife of master politician Bill Clinton.  

“Hillary Clinton is the merit-based candidate in this election … Experience will trump everything,” Curtis concluded.

Until now, Curtis said she “was always supportive but not active in politics," but she decided to vote for Hillary after watching her performance in the Democratic debate on Nov 14, 2015. Her inactivity may explain Curtis’s inability to differentiate between experience and honest achievement. She didn’t talk about Clinton’s dishonesty both during her time as Secretary of State and recently in her email scandal.

In Council Bluffs, Curtis stressed the importance of the Iowa caucuses. “The people in California who support Hillary Clinton understand how important this is,” she assured supporters. “We understand this is the first one, and this is the most important one.”

“The eyes of the world are on you people,” Curtis concluded.

“I call her a command-her-in-chief,” Curtis told KMTV Action 3 News. “I want my commander, command-her-in-chief to be able to make decisions, to be able to think, to be able to weigh options, to have a compassionate open heart and mind.” At least she didn’t refer to Clinton’s 2008 “when the phone rings in the White House at three a.m.” ad. We saw how that played out in Benghazi.

Perhaps Curtis would like to add to that list that her candidate should tell the truth and fight to uphold traditional American values? Perhaps she would, but experience “trumps” everything.

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