AP Reports Politically Active Kids--All Dems, Of Course

February 10th, 2008 6:00 PM

AP photoFebruary 8, AP national writer Jocelyn Noveck announced that kids are fired up over the 2008 campaign-- but only mentioned those who like Democrats. The article was full of kids excited about Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and even John Edwards, but there was only one mention of children from GOP homes. Of course, they're out campaigning for Obama (h/t NBer Miamian).

Sure, Noveck covered children in New York City, but she couldn't find one child who supported a Republican? Well, she did mention some kids from GOP homes, you know, the kind who campaign for Obama (bold mine throughout):

[13-year-old Eyck Freymann] feels this presidential race has attracted "unprecedented interest" from young people. He's also noticed that most kids he knows (admittedly, in liberal Manhattan) support Obama.

"I know kids even from moderate Republican households who are getting up early and handing out stickers for Obama," says Eyck. "I think they see incredible charisma," he explains. "And a man who speaks passionately, and seems authentic."

Isn't it amazing how the media seems to find so many of those Republicans who support Obama?

It's Obama Mania for young voters and young future voters:

Exit polls have shown that Obama, at 46 the youngest candidate in the race, performs particularly well with voters under 44, while Clinton performs better with older ones. And it's no secret that Obama has drawn rapturous crowds at colleges and universities. Though the pre-voting set doesn't get polled, the campaign seems to know kids like the candidate: There's even a link for them on its Web site.

"Do you feel like you want to get involved in the political process but you don't know how? Get involved in KIDS FOR OBAMA!" the site says. It suggests a "starter kit" of things they'll need to set up an Obama party, including paper and markers for signs, a computer to create a "MyBO" page, and red-white-and-blue balloons and candy. There's also a video of a kickoff "Kids for Obama" party in Illinois.

Noveck then went into Obama-overdrive:

For Carolyn Solomon, the foster mother of twins Davita and Davin, one of the most exciting things about this presidential race is that "it's triggering something" in youngsters. "They are so hyped up and excited about this election," says Solomon, who also runs a daycare center, where she hears kids talk about the campaign.

The media says there is a distinct leftward lean from Gen X down to Gen Z, with the Juicy Juice and Nickelodeon sets really leaning left. This is something that should worry the GOP. New and future voters are cutting their political teeth on shows that sneer at Republicans like “The Colbert Report,” “The Daily Show” and “Real Time with Bill Maher.” Combine that with a steady diet of leftward propaganda in the entertainment industry and the "uncoolness” of Republicans, and it isn't surprising that kids and younger voters lean left.

Too bad Noveck couldn't have found one who didn't.


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