ChiTrib: Michelle Obama A 'New Target for Republicans'

Michelle Obama could be considered a liability to Senator Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, especially with her controversial "For the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country" remarks. As such, the liberal media are trying to work against the potentially negative effects of her comments by portraying Michelle as a victim of those evil conservatives and Republicans, even though a prominent Hillary Clinton blogger floated a nasty rumor about Obama using a racial slur.

A June 12 article by Chicago Tribune’s Christi Parsons entitled "Whispers Get Loud Around Michelle Obama" follows this trend. Parsons wrote: "[Michelle Obama] is emerging as an enticing target for conservative critics." So, it’s only conservatives and Republicans who would criticize Michelle Obama?

Parsons claimed: "Some of the criticism is born of Michelle Obama's actions, such as a public remark during this year's Democratic primary that she was proud of her country 'for the first time during my adult lifetime.' Other criticism is more pernicious, relying on thinly sourced, evidence-free allegations that float unchecked through the corridors of gossip."

The article highlighted the North Carolina GOP Web ad that featured Americans explaining why they are proud of their country in response to Michelle Obama’s statements. Parsons was also critical of the National Review: "But some of the analysis has been harsh. The cover of a recent issue of the conservative National Review called her 'Mrs. Grievance' and featured a picture of her, atypically, scowling."

But, as blogger Michelle Malkin recently pointed out on Fox News, some Democrats are also critical of the potential first lady, including pro-Hillary blogger Larry Johnson who has helped to spread the very "pernicious" and "evidence-free" allegation that there is a video tape of Michelle Obama ranting against "whitey."

Parsons also failed to mention that the National Review’s Jim Geraghty is among the skeptics of the Michelle Obama "whitey" video tape rumor.

Parsons did concede a point that NewsBusters would make about Obama: "Much of her press coverage has been adoring. She has been featured on magazine covers, often flashing her high-wattage smile, with stories that remark on her natural way with crowds both large and small."

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