Stephen Colbert Calls VA First 'Real Scandal' of Obama Administration

Even Stephen Colbert, the “darling of the far left,”cannot deny the flagrant corruption of President Obama’s VA.

The Comedy Central host acknowledged the importance of the scandal while simultaneously mocking it a few days prior to Memorial Day on his May 22 Colbert Report. Complete with a balloon drop, Colbert’s over-the-top fake celebration of the “real” VA scandal sought to poke fun at conservatives for having fixated on”fake” scandals.  You know, like the Obama IRS targeting conservative non-profits in an attempt to shut them down or seriously impair their fundraising, or the incompetent handling of diplomatic security in Libya in 2012 which left four Americans dead after a U.S. diplomatic post was overrun by heavily-armed terrorists on the 11th anniversary of 9/11.

Yes, troubling scandals like that are purely a laughing matter for Colbert, whom the suits at CBS insist is a political moderate.

You can read the transcript of the segment here:

The Colbert Report
11:36 AM
2 minutes and 2 seconds

These veterans are suffering under Obama's watch, after he declared them a top priority, and his team had been alerted to misconduct. Do you know what that means? It means we finally have a real scandal. A real scandal! Jimmy drop them! Whooo! Whooo! Whooo! Whooo! Folks, I have waited so long. I know I've cried wolf before what with Benghazi, and the I.R.S., And the A.P., and “Fast and Furious,” and Solyndra, and Obama's uncle, and Obama's aunt, and Obama's birth certificate. I even-- I even cried wolf about the secret White House wolf. But this one is different. It's backed up by eyewitnesses and documents and the betrayal of sick veterans. It's like Christmas morning.

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