Editor’s Pick: Hot Air Tells Media That Dems Losing is Not a ‘Crisis’

January 5th, 2022 10:48 AM

On Tuesday, Hot Air’s John Sexton reported: “Everywhere you look, Democrats are warning about the threat to democracy currently posed by Trump or the GOP or some combination of the two.” After citing an absurd New York Times editorial claiming “Every day is Jan. 6 now,” Sexton pushed back: “You’ll get no argument from me that the riots were anything but bad news, but every day is not January 6. That’s hysteria and the media is inviting more of it.”

While highlighting more of that leftist media hysteria in the pages of The Washington Post, he concluded: “This message from left-wing partisans like [Margaret] Sullivan and Jay Rosen literally boils down to this: Unapologetically side with the Democrats because anything less is tantamount to abandoning democracy.”

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