Editor’s Pick: CNSNews on Liberal Media Cheering SNL Abortion Skit

November 9th, 2021 10:41 AM

On Monday, CNSNews Editor Craig Bannister reported on how “Saturday Night Live’s celebration of abortion is being cheered by liberal media as a hit with viewers.” After noting how a 2018 Netflix show was cancelled after far-left comedian Michelle Wolf featured a “Salute to Abortion,” he pointed out how “this past weekend, a Saturday Night Live sketch featuring a ‘clown’ celebrating ‘clown abortion’ and spouting stereotypical pro-abortion talking points drew praise from liberal media.”

“Vanity Fair called SNL cast member Cecily Strong’s performance ‘genius.’ The Daily Beast called the skit ‘brilliant’ in its headline, ‘SNL’s Cecily Strong Slams Texas Abortion Law in Bizarre, Brilliant Weekend Update,’” Bannister highlighted. He also singled out “An article on The Wrap posted on Yahoo! Entertainment” with the headline: “Cecily Strong Wins Praise for Pro-Abortion Rights ‘SNL’ Segment: ‘Holy S–. And Bravo, Woman’”

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