Editor’s Pick: RedState on Dejected Sabato Mourning Dem ‘Bloodbath’

November 3rd, 2021 8:35 AM

As the Virginia gubernatorial election returns were coming in Tuesday night showing Republican Glenn Youngkin on the verge of victory, RedState’s Nick Arama highlighted how “shell-shocked” liberal political analyst Larry Sabato appeared on MSNBC and mourned that “one of the people high up in the McAuliffe campaign called it what it was — a ‘bloodbath.’”

As Arama explained, this came after “Larry Sabato was freaking out yesterday [Monday] regarding the possibility that Youngkin might win and had this totally garbage take: that if Youngkin won it was all about ‘white’ backlash, claiming Critical Race Theory isn’t taught there, treating parents as though they were insane.”

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