MSNBC: No ‘Both Sides’ on Climate Change, It’s Science!

February 26th, 2019 4:27 PM

After concluding her Monday afternoon show by devoting a segment to climate change fearmongering, MSNBC anchor Katy Tur handed off programming to colleague Ali Velshi and apologized for eating into his hour. Velshi assured her no apology was necessary as Tur ranted: “There’s not a ‘both sides’ when you’re talking about the climate science.”

“Ali, I’m story that I took 30 seconds of your show, but I hope you’ll understand why,” Tur began. Velshi replied: “For climate discussions you can take a whole lot more than that, it’s an important conservation.” He then lamented: “...most people are on the right side of this conversation, it continues to perplex me as to why some people think there’s something to be gained – ”



Tur interjected: “There’s not a ‘both sides’ when you’re talking about the climate science.” She dismissed the notion that there was any debate on the subject: “It doesn’t exist.” Velshi agreed: “Yeah, it doesn’t exist...So I’m puzzled by some of the things that continue to come out of the White House on it.”

“So thank you for having that discussion” he concluded. Tur urged: “Let’s keep talking about it.”

The hand-off exchange was nearly identical to one on February 15, when Velshi infringed on Tur’s hour due to a climate change discussion with a guest. Tur similarly remarked: “No, it’s fine, you’re talking about climate change, so I’m happy to – you can take as much time as you need.”



She even confessed: “I screamed ‘Amen!’ at the beginning of your segment, I’m sorry if I distracted you.” Like on Monday, Tur complained: “I think if you don’t believe in climate change, you don’t believe in science.”

Warning of the environmental impacts, Tur listed possible devastating weather events:

...the effects that it has on everything across the world, the ocean levels rising and encroaching on cities, the wildlife in that area, I mean there’s cascading effects....Wildfires getting more intense, hurricanes getting more intense. We could go on and on.

She proclaimed: “Ali Velshi, let’s do climate change everyday.”

The two discussions accurately reflect how obsessed the liberal media are with pushing the climate agenda, even at the expense of their own objectivity or credibility.