WashPost Assures Readers: Cold Weather ‘Weird,’ Earth Still Warming

In a laughable article for Thursday’s Washington Post, the paper’s Weather Editor Jason Samenow assured readers that record-breaking cold temperatures being experienced across the country this winter were “exceptionally weird” and in no way challenged the theory of global warming.

“The record-crushing cold that rang in 2018 was like a blast from the past that will become increasingly rare,” the piece began. Samenow continued: “The frigid spell was particularly noteworthy for occurring when the planet is steadily warming because of the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Climate warming from the increase in these heat-trapping gases does not eliminate cold waves, but it tends to weaken them.”



Citing predictions from “an international group of scientists,” he confidently proclaimed that “the recent piercing chill was 15 times less likely than it would’ve been 100 years ago” and “highly unusual in the current climate.”

Samenow emphasized:

Given how much the climate has warmed, the scientists called the recent cold “exceptional.” Yet, as frigid as it was, the scientists found that there were “many similar or colder two-week periods in that region in earlier periods.” They made clear that, on balance, cold outbreaks like these are getting less frequent “due to global warming, but cold waves still occur somewhere in North America almost every winter.”

Friday’s CBS This Morning eagerly picked up on the defense of the climate change agenda, as co-host John Dickerson declared:

The Washington Post says that in a fast-warming world, the recent cold wave was “exceptionally weird.” Scientists say the recent crushing cold will become increasingly rare. They say that given how much the climate has warmed, the cold blast was 15 times less likely than it would have been a hundred years ago.

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