CBS ‘Early Show’ Hosts Excited by Obama Paper Dolls

April 23rd, 2009 4:54 PM

Julie Chen, CBS On Thursday’s CBS Early Show, co-host Julie Chen made an important news announcement: "Well, the latest Obama paper dolls are out and we have got them right here to check them out." Chen went on to explain that the collectible books of paper cut outs of Barack and Michelle Obama: "...came out when -- during the whole campaign...And then now this is the inaugural."

Chen later asked: "Do we think that this looks like Barack and Michelle?" Co-host Maggie Rodriguez responded: "Absolutely not. Not even a little bit." Early Show medical correspondent Jennifer Ashton was also on set, and chimed in: "No, he [Obama] looks so much better in person." Rodriguez then added: "Not even a little bit, it's not their faces. Those are not their faces." Chen explained: "It's more Michelle than -- it's not Barack's face, but it's more Michelle. Because I think they have her eyebrows down."

After a detailed discussion of the dolls’ likeness to the Obamas, co-host Harry Smith proudly exclaimed: "Well, I'm very excited to get my collectible campaign edition, so."

Obama Paper Dolls, CBS Chen then turned back to Ashton and asked: "Did you ever play with paper dolls, Jennifer, when you were little?" Ashton replied: "I didn't. But, you know, I have a friend now, an adult friend, who has a six-foot cut-out of President Obama in her living room. And every time I walk in there I think it's really him." Rodriguez wondered: "Um, why?" Ashton explained: "She's a big fan."

Earlier in the show, Smith discussed the availability of ‘Plan B’ birth control pills to 17-year-olds over-the-counter with Ashton, who remarked: "In a country that has one of the largest teenage pregnancy rates in the western world, we need to do everything we can to attack that issue, so that's on the good end. I say why stop at 17? It's only -- not only 17-year-olds who get pregnant, so it possibly should be opened up to teenagers of all ages who need it."