What Planet Are They Living On? Here’s 2021’s Wackiest Commentary From ‘The View’

December 30th, 2021 10:26 AM

ABC's The View is hardly a balanced political show. How can it be, with three or four liberals against one conservative? (Or no conservative, as it has been for large parts of this year.) Still, there are moments on the show where you can’t believe what you are hearing, because it is so far removed from reality.

Recognizing that, here are the most out of touch, wackiest reactions and comments from the hosts in 2021. Links to its corresponding NewsBusters blog can be found at the bottom of each entry.

Jussie Smollett’s Fake Hate Crime ‘Made Sense' 'Believable'



ANA NAVARRO:  Look, I think -- when it first happened I think it was unimaginable to anybody that it could be a hoax, and um frankly, you know, I think that for a lot of people it read believable, that there could be hate crimes because there are hate crimes against minorities and against LGBTQ….

SARA HAINES:  The part that jumped out at me the most about this story though was the rush of leaders across this country to do the right thing on Twitter and make sure they spoke up immediately in defense before knowing everything.

JOY BEHAR: Well it made sense. That’s why.

- The co-hosts defend media falling for fake Jussie Smollett hoax in 2019, December 10.


Americans Should Be Grateful for Biden, Look at All the Big Wins!



Before Thanksgiving, they actually scolded Americans to be thankful for Biden.

Joy Behar even delivered a laundry list of all the things Americans should be indebted to the President for!

On another show, the hosts complained that the public didn't recognize all the winning:

JOY BEHAR: Blame the previous administration. Blame COVID. Blame worldwide inflation. But why blame the guy? I don’t get it! 

SUNNY HOSTIN: I think what's so interesting that's what we're talking about early Monday morning when today he's signing the infrastructure bill, right? There’ve been so many big wins because especially we have had, people are being vaccinated. People are getting the booster shot. The infrastructure bill just got passed. And that's a big deal.

- The View hosts acting as publicists for the President after plummeting polls, November 24 and November 15.


‘White Lash’ Van Jones Is Providing 'Racial Cover' for Trump



SUNNY HOSTIN: Now Van, you do spend a lot of time, you know, threading the middle and trying to unite people but there are those who really accuse you of being a political opportunist, a chameleon so to speak, who provided racial cover for former disgraced, twice impeached President Trump....People in the black community don't trust you anymore. What is your response? 

ANA NAVARRO: How did you go from being this very principled critic of the Trump administration as I was to all of a sudden, being in the White House celebrating with them and being, you know, and posing for pictures with Candace Owens? I mean, can you explain the evolution to people who are puzzled by it? 

- Grilling Democrat CNNer and Obama alum Van Jones for not being radical enough, February 5.


Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict Means 'Any Nutcase Can Come and Shoot Me at a Protest!'



JOY BEHAR: I can't go and protest without worrying that some nutcase is going to have a gun, cross the state line and come and shoot me. That's the problem. That's what I have to worry about!

SUNNY HOSTIN: I think people now will think that someone can legally come to a protest and under the cover of law kill me!

- Reacting to Kyle Rittenhouse “not guilty” verdict, November 22.


'Fictitious' Antifa ‘Doesn’t Even Exist!’



If I was surrounded by people carrying weapons, people erecting nooses, screaming hang Mike Pence, bludgeoning a police officer to death, I might be a little scared.  But Ron, no he's not scared of these people. He's scared of this fictitious idea of Antifa, a thing that doesn't even exist. He needs to go. He needs to go. And soon.

- Joy Behar declaring that Antifa is a right-wing bogeyman, March 15.

With one spot left, we come to our final selection....


The Media’s Too Tough on Biden!



WHOOPI GOLDBERG: So President Biden recently passed his historic infrastructure bill that will benefit all Americans in many different ways, and his Build Back Better plan includes things like paid family leave, universal Pre-K, and health care measures that will drop insulin prices from $1,000 a month to just 35 bucks. Yeah. Sounds great!...I guess the question is, why don't people want to hear the good news for a change?


JOY BEHAR: You said, you know, that people are not picking up on the good stuff. I believe that that's because the media is not portraying him as a winner....They are minimizing what he is doing.

- Complaining the media has been underselling Biden's successes, December 7.