Insane CNN: Like Lady Macbeth, Ted Cruz Trying to ‘Cleanse’ Himself After Inciting Violence

February 2nd, 2021 3:10 PM

For her “Roll the tape” segment on her Tuesday afternoon show, CNN Newsroom host Brianna Keilar viciously went after Republican Senator Ted Cruz in an over five-minute-long attack. It seems nothing was out of bounds, as the journalist alluded Cruz had blood on his hands, before mocking his podcast’s production. 

Keilar even used the creepy “cleansing” word to slam Cruz, a term that was also thrown around by ABC News's political director talking about conservatives, and it was in the CNN chyron. Keilar opened with:

As Donald Trump's second impeachment trial nears, there’s one senator who led the charge to challenge the electoral college count and enthusiastically threw his weight behind multiple efforts to undermine the democratic presidential election and is now trying to cleanse himself of the stain of those actions.

Keilar first played a clip of Cruz on his recent podcast episode condemning some of President Trump’s exaggerated claims about there being widespread election fraud, and obvious falsehood that he “won the election by a landslide.” While the former president stretched the truth, Keilar pretended that Republicans who backed investigating election fraud, like Cruz, were somehow agreeing with all of Trump’s rhetoric. Her paper-thin evidence? Cruz rallied Georgia voters to “fight for America” days before their Senate runoff elections. Why, Trump also used that commonplace political rhetoric during the January 6 rally on the Capitol! 

“Fighting for the United States of America.” I know it sounds familiar, because we also heard that rhetoric a few days later on January 6th right before Trump supporters tried to pay Ted Cruz and his colleagues a visit with flexicuffs. [plays clip of Trump at rally telling supporters to “fight like Hell” for the country.]

Keilar again used weak examples to criticize Cruz’s “revisionist history tour” distancing himself from the media-backed, Democrat claims he incited a riot. She played another clip of Cruz on his podcast saying that election outcomes needed to be based on evidence and not just who you want to win. But because Cruz challenged President Biden’s electoral college win on January 6, somehow that made him a hypocrite. That’s when the CNN journalist got petty, using her signature snark to mock Cruz’s podcast production:



And by the way, I want to address the question that you are no doubt asking, which is what is up with this random show featuring a sitting U.S. Senator in a lounge chair?

So this is a podcast shown on YouTube that Cruz started up during Trump's first impeachment trial, complete with those fancy graphics, there’s a floating monitor, a carpet square, there’s a cactus and it rocks a leather chair, “Masterpiece Theatre” style. And like “Masterpiece Theatre,” Cruz’s podcasts includes adaptations of fiction. In this latest episode Cruz tries to resolve himself of his participation in the big lie, his performance of ridding himself of the stink and stain of it, appears to be a very loose adaptation of Lady Macbeth, saying, ‘Out, damned spot!’

So it's not just AOC and The View hosts, now CNN hosts are accusing Cruz of having "blood on his hands,"  comparing him to a literary character who incites murder. 

Because she had nothing better to do, Keilar also mocked the Republican for remarking in that episode that rabid environmentalists are often the villains in superhero movies, prompting outrage from lefty Hollywood. Which was just another device for her to call out the Republican as a phony hypocrite:

KEILAR: That reference prompting a writer and producer of the show "Watchmen" to tweet at the senator literally, what the bleep are you talking about? Which is also an acceptable response to another comment that Cruz made on his podcast:

CRUZ: Reuters polling shows 39% of Americans believe the election was rigged. That's a terrifying statistic. 

KEILAR: Says a guy who spoon-fed Trump supporters the big lie. Who helped dig a hole only to marvel curiously at how deep and dark it is as he stares up at us from the bottom of it insisting he's not in a hole at all. Because Cruz’s "Masterpiece Theatre" rewrite of history is just that, theatre.

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