Wow: COVID Task Force Admiral Shuts Down CNN's Cuomo Pandering: 'Practice What You Preach'

December 21st, 2020 12:40 PM

CNN eagerly touted coronavirus demands from their favorite governor, Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) this Monday morning, while they continued to ignore his sexual harassment scandal.

After a new variant of COVID-19 was found in the United Kingdom, and elsewhere, Cuomo demanded the U.S. follow other countries in banning travel from the U.K., even though experts are not recommending that move yet for various reasons. Regardless, New Day co-host John Berman repeatedly asked Coronavirus Task Force Testing Czar, Admiral Brett Giroir, if Americans should be worried and enact a travel ban, as Cuomo was demanding from the Trump administration.

After hyping how Russia, India and Canada are banning travel from the U.K., Berman worried about the “implications” of the more transmissible variant to Giroir before again raising a travel ban here, twice. As Giroir explained that was a possibility but they’ve known about this variant since September and it doesn't appear to be any deadlier or immune to the vaccine, Berman pressed again, touting Cuomo’s advice:



New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is concerned that it hasn’t happened already. He says that there were, I think, six flights a day coming from the United Kingdom. Makes sense to him that they would be banned now. What is your message to him? 

The CNN host probably wasn't expecting the task force leader to school the Democrat governor, but that's exactly what he did:

My message to him is to practice what he preaches, listen to the scientists and the best epidemiologists in the CDC. Um, we know that the governor has been out front on many issues, uh wanting 40,000 ventilators when he didn't need it, sending sick people back to nursing homes so I'd advise him to just to listen to the best experts that will be the best recommendation for the American people. We shouldn't jump to any conclusions or actions that could be counterproductive. Listen to the experts. They'll tell you what you we need to do. 

Berman quickly moved on from this line of questioning after that response. 

CNN consistently sucks up to the New York governor, and Giroir has previously called out CNN for lying about coronavirus testing.

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