Embarrassing: ABC's ‘View’ Shamelessly Attacks NBC for Stealing Viewers With Trump 'Train Wreck' Town Hall

October 15th, 2020 12:28 PM

The hosts of ABC’s The View opened Thursday's show with an 8-minute-long temper tantrum moaning about NBC’s President Trump town hall tonight, to compete with ABC's Joe Biden town hall, also airing tonight.

But just like Disney-hawking Good Morning America, the financial interest of The View hosts complaining about a rival network getting better ratings was transparent and shameless.

The hosts even admitted as such, bringing up how their competitor would get more viewers because they gave "spoiled child" Trump what he wanted.

Other desperate talking points: This was a distraction from people dying from COVID and NBC is “all in for Trump:”

WHOOPI: Is this about him showing this he can pull more people in? I mean, is it that important or should we really be talking about the fact that because he dropped the ball people are still dying from COVID? Which is more important?


ANA NAVARRO: First I'm disappointed that this is happening. I'm disappointed we are not having a presidential debate because Donald Trump refused to engage in a virtual debate. I'm disappointed that another network has given him the ability to take his toys and go home, and then, you know, have the ability to do this. It feels likes a spoiled child who is being given his way. 


JOY BEHAR: You know, the ratings will probably go to the stable genius because people prefer to watch a train wreck rather than watch, you know, let’s say a course in civics. That doesn't mean the ratings will translate to votes. I think NBC is all in for Trump as they were with "The Apprentice", and the fact that Mark Burnett has still not released a lot of tapes from The Apprentice where he probably said some horrific things, and NBC if they really want to do the show, they should put in a laugh track because that is what watching Trump has become. It's become a comedy show, and unfortunately people are dying.


SARA HAINES:  I actually think it's really -- it is bad if NBC approached him with this time slot because I do think that's, you know, as Ana said, ingratiating a petulant toddler, but we all know Trump would have shopped this around regardless to have the ratings war he's always hoped for and eventually someone would have taken the bait and done this


WHOOPI GOLDBERG: What do you think, Sunny? Do you think this is kind of a ratings beg or is there another thing that we're missing? 

SUNNY HOSTIN: No. I think it's all about ratings. I'm disappointed that NBC allowed him to manipulate the process...

Sunny Hostin used her last remark before they went to commercial to shamelessly plug her network and guilt-trip NBC viewers:

If people are watching, they're watching just like Joy said, for a train wreck, and they're going to watch the train wreck on NBC rather than the civility I think and the presidential demeanor of a Joe Biden which will be on ABC. That's going to be the difference. So if people want to really listen to Joe Biden's plans and they want to listen to somebody who is presidential, they'll tune into ABC. If they want to listen to, you know, see somebody dancing to YMCA, they're going to tune into NBC. That's just the bottom line. 

You can contact The View's advertisers Always and Carvana at their Conservatives fight back page.