Shameless ABC Trashes ‘Disgraced’ ‘Controversial’ RNC Speakers Sandmann, McCloskeys

August 24th, 2020 2:37 PM

Minutes before the kickoff of the Republican National Convention, ABC revealed they were taking notes from CNN and MSNBC on how to continue smearing former Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann and the St. Louis McCloskeys, both slated to speak this week. On ABC News Live, White House correspondent Rachel Scott and political contributor Yvette Simpson sneered these speakers, who were victimized by the media, were actually “controversial” and “disgraced.” 

Anchor Diane Macedo prompted WH Correspondent Rachel Scott to comment on the “real Americans” scheduled to speak during the convention. Scott couldn’t hide her disdain for the St. Louis couple who defended their home against a violent leftist mob. While suggesting the McCloskeys were racists, she defended the Black Lives Matter mob as “peaceful protesters:”

Yeah they're real people, real American people as the campaign says that will be speaking today and then some of them are also some controversial figures now as we have this moment of racial reckoning in our history. One is that St Louis couple who brought out their rifles as Black Lives Matter protesters peacefully marched through their community, they are on the list to speak....



But Democrat activist and ABC political contributor Yvette Simpson’s choice of words for the RNC guests was even worse. She had the audacity to call the McCloskeys and Nick Sandmann “disgraced:”

One of the downsides of this convention is you're not going to see a lot of party leaders here you're not going to see a lot of folks who are heralded in the party they're not showing up. And as Rachel reflected some of the- real American people that you're seeing have been people who are disgraced not people that people rally around like the St Louis couple or the young man from [inaudible] who interacted with the elder native American in DC. And so it will be a very different--it will be the Trump show is the short answer and- it'll be interesting to see if that pays off…

The only ones disgraced or controversial here are the media outlets who tried to ruin these people's lives with their hack reporting. Nick Sandmann sued and settled with several media outlets over their disgusting hit jobs on him. His lawyer filed five more defamation suits against the media in May, one of which was against ABC, a relevant point not uttered during this segment.