Joy Behar: Trump Knows That ‘Unless They Fix This Election,’ Republicans ‘Will Lose’

May 27th, 2020 1:57 PM

On Wednesday’s The View, Joy Behar was already floating conspiracies about the legitimacy of the upcoming presidential election, by claiming that if Trump wins, it’s because his party cheated.

The topic came up while the hosts were blasting Trump for promoting a conspiracy theory on Twitter, in his bitter battle with MSNBC host Joe Scarborough. President Trump suggested that the then-Republican congressman had something to do with his intern tragically dying in 2001. But Joy Behar showed she was no better by pushing her own baseless conspiracy theory. She claimed that the only way Republicans could win in the upcoming election was if Trump cheated:

I mean, in my opinion, Trump is really behind the eight ball right now. He knows that unless they fix this election, unless his party does voter suppression and stops mail-in voting and is unsuccessful in his culture war that he's going forward with, that they will lose, and the Senate will go Democrat. The House will stay Democrat, and the president will be a Democrat. He knows that. So he is scared of that.

So Republicans can only win if they "fix the election," got it. She made this same accusation in 2019, rallying for everyone to question the legitimacy of Trump's potential 2020 win as again being a present from the Russians. 

From there, Behar went on to blame Trump as responsible for 100,000 Americans dying from coronavirus. So it turns out Behar isn’t above politicizing tragedy with reckless accusations of murder, either.

On Tuesday’s show she was even nastier, saying that Trump “doesn’t care if you live or die” he just wants to be re-elected. Like the rest of the media, she also was offended by Trump calling on churches to reopen, claiming that he was “fiddling with people’s lives:”

He's playing a political game with people's lives. And these people do not realize that they are pawns in his game. He only wants to be re-elected. He doesn't really care if you live or die. I mean, witness the fact that he went golfing on memorial day -- when the names are being printed in The New York Times about how many people have died. He couldn't care less. He wants to turn people against each other so that he gets re-elected. Let's take the example of the church. Does anybody really believe that he's so religious and cares so much about people going to church? No, he doesn't. He only wants to turn you against each other, religion against other religion.

People have to come out and -- father -- one of the priests I know is saying you can really basically worship the Lord from anywhere. I believe in Islam, it is a fact that you could pray in your living room, in your bathroom, in your kitchen, anywhere you want. If you are in touch with God, you can pray wherever you are. No, he has to say go and open the churches. Why does he fiddle with people's lives, is what I want to know.