Joy Behar Declares Trump's Presidency Is Over: 'Time for Him to Resign'

March 12th, 2020 2:41 PM

The unhinged media is still politicizing the spread of COVID-19, and pointing fingers at President Trump after he addressed the nation last night. The hosts of The View unanimously panned the speech for lacking emotion and being "xenophobic" while claiming that “Trump’s party” doesn’t care about Americans. Even right-leaning host Meghan McCain and liberal Joy Behar agreed that this was going to be the “silver bullet” that took down the Trump presidency.

Meghan McCain first responded to the speech, bashing Trump for being “incapable” of showing empathy, while making a pitch for Joe Biden:

The ‘I feel your pain, I feel your fear,’ incapable of it. He could have been reading the phonebook last night. He should have been saying, ‘I understand Americans are very scared.’ Have a Ronald Reagan-esque moment. His inability to emote with the American people about how scary this is, and people at this point I can safely say -- there's a lot of healthy fear, and there's a Quinnipiac poll that came out that says 56% see Joe Biden as a better president and leader in crisis…. and I think this crisis has really shown it doesn't matter at the end of the day how great the economy is.

Sunny Hostin called the temporary travel ban from Europe ineffective, while claiming it was “xenophobic” and perpetuated negative stereotypes about Americans:

“I found the travel ban very ineffective, and it sort of connoted xenophobia that we’ve heard from the White House before.” She added, “And again there's sort of, you know, I guess the ugly American sort of thing that -- the way we're perceived abroad.

Joy Behar, who certainly doesn’t like Vice President Mike Pence, pretended like she wouldn’t mind if he was president now and recommended Trump call it quits:

“Don't you think this is a good time for him to resign? Pence has shown to be rather capable I believe,” she stated, adding that she feels “a little more confidence” with Pence and [Dr. Anthony] Fauci at the helm.

Just in case you were keeping count, this is at least the fourth time she's demanded Trump resign since he took office.

McCain agreed that this was the end of the Trump presidency and declared that a large number of Americans had lost confidence in him because he “traffics in lies”:

Part of the problem is that when you traffic in lies and misinformation for a long period of time, the chicken's coming home to roost right now with a lot of Americans on both sides….For those of us, who know he lies, on occasion when it comes to rallies, and how big your hands are, whatever, that's an entirely different thing than lying about a lethal disease that can kill God knows how many Americans…. This could be the silver bullet that takes out this administration. I don't mean that literally. So everyone calm down. This could be what [swings?] the election.

“There's a lot of people are saying this is his Katrina. This is his Katrina,” Behar touted.

The hosts continued bashing Trump’s speech into the next segment. It was inevitable that nothing would placate the liberal hosts, who always complain that Trump is not “presidential” and always goes off prompter. This time, they ripped into Trump for being too scripted and calm. McCain was enraged, and began shouting at Trump about how he should’ve spoken with more emotion.

Behar agreed, quipping, “Tom Hanks has coronavirus and we have Forrest Gump in the White House!”

Behar and Hostin later gushed about how “cruel” Republicans were for blocking an attempt by Democrats to force employers to provide paid sick leave. Joy Behar sneered, Isn't it a fact and obvious that Trump's party does not care about people?"