Behar Demands Trump 'Resign Already:' 'Take Us Out of Our Misery!'

October 10th, 2019 12:17 PM

Perhaps losing confidence that Congress will oust President Trump from office,The View co-host Joy Behar demanded the President, "Resign! Get Out!” to start Thursday’s show. Behar was upset at Republicans, who were criticizing Trump for pulling U.S. forces out of Syria in the fight against ISIS, but didn’t “stand up” to him over the border family separation policy. Her co-host Sunny Hostin also misled viewers by falsely claiming a Fox News poll showed 25% of Republicans now supported impeachment.

After Meghan McCain raged against Trump’s decision to take U.S. forces out of Syria, leaving our Kurdish allies to fight ISIS without our help, Behar couldn’t help but rant against Republicans over separating children who crossed the border illegally:

These children were locked up, taken away from their parents. They will be scarred for the rest of their life with separation anxiety. I can't even begin to tell you, and these same people, Lindsey Graham, Moscow Mitch, all the rest of them, Mark Meadows, Devin Nunes, all these despicable people, backed this man when he separated children. That is who he is, and what makes you think he cares about innocent Kurds being slaughtered when he doesn't care about innocent children being taken away from their parents? This is the same man. So don't tell me that the Republican party is now standing up to him. They should have done it before, and we wouldn't be in this position.

McCain argued that this military decision was much more important than impeachment which riled up Sunny Hostin who declared, “We need to care about impeachment, because if he can do this, he can do a lot worse!”

She continued gushing: “He needs to be out of office to protect this country, and if it takes him doing this to get the Republicans on board with impeachment, then I'm all for it!” 

Hostin then got into an argument with co-host Abby Huntsman over how many Republican voters supported impeachment at this point. A new Fox News poll which the media have been salivating over revealed a slight majority of those polled (51%) supported impeachment. Hostin incorrectly argued that 25% of Republicans supported impeachment, according to this poll, while Huntsman claimed 9%. Both were incorrect.

Not only were there more Democrats polled in this survey (48% vs. 40%), but only 13% of Republicans supported impeachment, (vs. 85% of Democrats.) Below is a screenshot showing these results from the survey, which you can read yourself.

Behar ended the segment by insisting that Trump just get some “momentum” going and “Resign already. Just resign and take us out of our misery. Get out!” she yelled.

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