Behar Complains 2020 Dems Under Too Much Scrutiny: Republicans Are the ‘Most Racist!’

February 14th, 2020 3:22 PM

The View co-hosts Joy Behar and Meghan McCain erupted at each other on Friday’s show over the 2020 election and the Democrat candidate choices. As McCain trashed Michael Bloomberg as unappealing to black voters and coal miners, Behar griped that Democrats were facing too much scrutiny, when Republicans “have the most racist track record.”

As the argument got more heated, Behar complained that President Trump didn’t even win the 2016 election.

The confrontation started after McCain pointed out there was no clear frontrunner in the Democrat candidates, but Bloomberg could be facing more trouble as more of his leaked comments about women and stop and frisk come to light. Behar set out to defend Bloomberg’s record on race relations.

“Here's my point, the stop and frisk thing I think will be counteracted by some of the following,” she began, looking at her notes. McCain joked she was “shilling” for Bloomberg. Behar claimed she’d vote for anyone over Trump before giving her spiel about what Bloomberg’s done for minorities. But her co-hosts weren’t convinced. Sunny Hostin called his comments defending redlining, “problematic.” This enraged Behar:

BEHAR: Why are you so strict on Democrats and lenient on Republicans who have the most racist policies and the most racist track record? Why? Every single one who's running probably has -- this is a racist country, right?

BEHAR: Every single one of them has something in their background that doesn't look good for race. [ Applause ]

McCain insisted that Bloomberg wasn’t “appealing” to people in the Midwest and coal miners for his nanny state policies like trying to ban sodas. Behar shot back that Trump was in “worse shape” with this demographic than Bloomberg for “taking away” health care. That’s when the two nearly came to blows, pointing their fingers and shouting at each other:

MEGHAN MCCAIN: You know what Joy? I’ve been right about election stuff and you’ve been wrong so just trust me on this. You thought Trump was going to lose in 2016 and I didn't.

JOY BEHAR: Me and 100 million people. He did actually lose you know. We remind them. 3 million votes against him.

MCCAIN: Does that make you feel good at night?

BEHAR: No, it makes me feel bad.

MCCAIN: He’s in the White House! It's a ridiculous thing to say every single day on this show. He is president. Move on!

BEHAR: Everybody on this panel repeats themselves, okay?

MCCAIN: You're trying to make yourself feel better. It's weird.

BEHAR: I don't want to make myself feel better. I want him out! [ Cheers and applause ]