Sunny Hostin: Linda Tripp's 'Hearsay' Got Clinton Impeached, Just Like Taylor's Could for Trump

November 14th, 2019 2:32 PM

After The View was preempted by coverage of day one’s impeachment hearings, the hosts returned to the table Thursday to discuss the testimonies from the day before. The hosts railed against Republicans still standing by the President, with Whoopi Goldberg even claiming they were going against what Republican voters wanted.

Her co-host Sunny Hostin also slammed their “hearsay” refrain about the thirdhand "witnesses" to the Ukraine phone call, saying that Linda Tripp’s taped phone calls were “complete hearsay” and that got President Clinton impeached.

Joy Behar began by slamming Republicans as having “nothing” to defend President Trump with and for rejecting the premise that the phone call was grounds for impeachment: “They’ve got nothing. He did what he did!” she griped.

Whoopi also couldn’t believe that Republicans would stand by the President, still. She slammed the GOP as being taken over by alien pod people who didn’t represent the people who voted for them. She even claimed that “real” Republican voters didn’t support the President and agreed more with Democrats on this impeachment push:

I'm shocked that so many of the folks that are pushing back on this like you said, are not saying, ‘you know what? This was really reprehensible what he did. It was reprehensible. I agree with him on a lot of stuff, but you can't do this. You're not doing that.’

My question is, who are y'all representing? Who are you representing? You're not representing Republicans because real Republicans say, hey. That is not okay. Quid pro quo does not work for us constitutionally. It doesn't work for us visually. It's wrong. Real Republicans are saying that. These new fangled people who maybe ate some Republicans and took their face or something -- [ laughter ] -- Because I don't know those folks are..

“They’re representing Trump! Only him!” Behar complained. Even Abby Huntsman was upset, shouting that we were living in “the craziest world of all time” because the right wasn’t calling out Trump for the Ukraine phone call.

Hostin, on the other hand, took issue with Republicans calling the witnesses’ testimonies, “hearsay,” saying that Linda Tripp’s taped phone calls were “complete hearsay,” and that still got President Clinton impeached:

“It's also insane to me they kept on saying this is hearsay. This is hearsay. Well, Linda Tripp, remember Clinton was impeached because of Linda Tripp's testimony which was complete hearsay! She was on a phone call which was taped," Hostin gushed.

Behar quipped, “She was not under the desk with Monica, let’s put it that way. That's hearsay!”

“That's called hearsay. That is hearsay!” Hostin kept chanting as the audience laughed.