Kimmel Gushes to Griffin: 'Made Me Mad' You Were Penalized For Bloody Trump Head Pic

July 31st, 2019 9:45 AM

It was just another Trump-bashing night on the late-night lineup Tuesday, as celebrities commiserated with the hosts over how much they hated President Trump. On Jimmy Kimmel Live, the ABC host brought on Kathy Griffin to promote her new Trump-hating standup, and fret about the First Amendment being at stake because she got in trouble for taking an ISIS-like picture holding the President’s severed head in 2017.

As soon as Griffin arrived, the pity party began. She explained how she had to do a standup in theaters because no television network would buy it--- which was Trump’s fault, of course:

“Nobody would buy it, because I'm toxic. A lot of people think I'm ISIS,” she snarked, joking that her own mother who “watches Fox News” thought she was a terrorist. She blamed her failing career on President Trump:

Because obviously, whether or not you like that photo, and it's fine with me if you didn't. The President shouldn't be deciding if you're employable or insurable. And the President shouldn't be deciding--I mean I don’t care anymore-- but what television shows you guys watch.

Kimmel admitted how the FBI treated Griffin angered him. Apparently only leftists in Hollywood are allowed to make violent threats against the President without ramifications.

KIMMEL: It also made me mad watching .

GRIFFIN: Really?

KIMMEL: Yeah, because the idea that they would penalize you, and some of the things they did to you.

Griffin talked about being on the “no fly list” for two months and being interrogated by two federal agents after posting the photo.

“[T]hey were considering very seriously charging me with the crime of conspiracy to assassinate the President of the United States,” Griffin gushed, to an aghast Kimmel.

“And did anyone snicker or anything like that?” he asked adding, “Was there any of this, I know, but we have to do this, just acknowledging that it's preposterous that you actually were part of any kind of conspiracy to kill anyone?”

While Kimmel couldn’t believe how the liberal comedian was punished, Griffin admitted she wasn’t mad at the FBI because they also protected her after Cesar Sayoc targeted her, (the man who sent pipe bombs to anti-Trump media outlets.) She urged viewers to watch the special because she talked about “the First Amendment” in the special and how what happened to her “could happen to anyone.” Well, duh.