Joy Behar: Republicans Aren't Patriotic; They're Disrespectful to Veterans, Lock Up Children!

July 25th, 2019 12:04 PM

Thursday the hosts of The View reacted to Robert Mueller’s testimony Wednesday and as to be expected, attacked Republicans, while touting how untainted Mueller was from controversy. ABC legal analyst Dan Abrams argued Mueller had done Trump a “huge favor” and was clearly not biased, while co-host Joy Behar attacked Republicans as being “disrespectful” to veterans.

Abrams began by bashing people who are calling Mueller’s performance a win for Trump, citing the times in the testimony Mueller said Trump had “lied” about there being no obstruction and no collusion found. "How is that a win for President Trump?!" he gushed. That prompted Joy Behar to slam Republicans as “disrespectful” to Mueller and to veterans in general (what?!):

“They were very disrespectful, I thought, the Republicans. They have a tendency to be disrespectful to veterans in this country,” she sneered.



Behar cited Republicans attacking John Kerry and John McCain as her evidence Republicans hated veterans. But that wasn’t enough; Republicans were also unpatriotic and didn’t believe in “family values,” either:

It really is upsetting. I don't want to hear the Republicans say that they are the most patriotic party anymore. I don't want to hear it. Or family values, as long as they're locking up children. I don’t want to hear it anymore!” she seethed as the audience cheered in agreement.

Abrams argued that Republicans had no leg to stand on in calling out Mueller’s investigation, partisan, because he was a “lifelong Republican” and there was “no evidence” of bias:

“Keep in mind. He's a Republican! Don't let the people forget. He is a lifelong Republican. There is no evidence that he's a Trump hater or an anti-Trumper, et cetera, and he's the one leading the investigation!” he declared.

“I would tell you yesterday’s testimony or hearing is evidence he's not a Trump hater. Because if he hated Trump he could have gone in there and done something very different than what he actually did!” co-host Ana Navarro agreed.

Abrams then declared the Mueller Report was a “huge favor” to Trump, "because if you read the report, it is clear they believe that the elements were there for obstruction of justice." He added: "So there is an argument that Mueller did Trump a huge favor by not declaring that in the report so this idea that he's sort of out to get Trump, you know, just doesn't make any sense."

Abrams did concede that there was legitimate “discussions” around Mueller’s staff’s biases, (as if Mueller had nothing to do with the people he hired for the investigation?)