View’s Hostin: Trump ‘Terrorizing’ ‘Citizens’ With 'Despicable' ICE Raids

Monday the hosts of The View breathed a sigh of relief after the proposed ICE raids from President Trump over the weekend, were not as widespread as the media had hyped. Still, the hosts agreed that the raids were racist and cruel. Co-host Sunny Hostin even claimed that the President was “terrorizing citizens.”

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg led the segment by gushing, she was “really glad” these raids “largely didn’t happen,” calling it a “scare tactic” by President Trump. She added that communities had been protesting in the weeks leading up to this event. Co-host Sunny Hostin said that communities were “protecting their fellow citizens” who could be deported:

They were organizing and they were certainly protecting their fellow human beings and their fellow citizens. A lot of people were hunkered down. They were hiding. I thought that was just so despicable!” Hostin gushed.

Joy Behar piped up, “Cruel!” with Hostin finishing her rant repeating, “Cruel. Because he was terrorizing people.”

“It's what he does. He has always done with this,” Whoopi agreed. Hostin went on to claim that Candians “overstayed their visas” more than people who crossed our southern border so it was clear that this was just a racist tactic.

“He didn't get them. He didn't get Canadians,” she said, asking, “How does he identify the folks that he wants to round up?” she asked.

Whoopi answered her. “We have had this conversation 14,000 times. We have had it 14,000 times. They all know. We all know.

Joy Behar called it a “racist dog whistle to his base,” with Hostin adding again that Trump was “terrorizing people.” Finally Meghan McCain jumped in, but only to agree with her liberal co-hosts.

“Look he’s running for President and he’s doing what he did last time except on acid,” she slammed.

Behar agreed. “He needs medication, I’m telling you!” she gushed.


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