No Bias Here: Eager CNN New Day Hypes Biden Will 'Eviscerate' Trump In Iowa Visit

June 11th, 2019 9:22 AM

CNN New Day started their show Tuesday morning with “breaking news” that Joe Biden would be taking on President Trump in a stump speech in Iowa today. The liberal network didn’t even pretend to be neutral about this development, instead leaving a chyron up the entire segment that read, “Biden to eviscerate Trump in Iowa speech today.”

The panel, consisting of former CBS This Morning anchor Bianna Golodryga, hosts Alisyn Camerota and John Berman, as well as CNN regulars Jeffrey Toobin and John Avlon, hyped Biden would persuade Iowans that Trump had only taken credit for Obama’s allegedly successful economy and a return to Biden would be a return to the Obama administration.

While acknowledging that President Trump had won the state of Iowa, “handily,” the panel touted it was President Obama’s success, first, and Biden could persuade Iowans they’d been “suckered” by Trump taking credit for Obama’s work:

JEFFREY TOOBIN: In a state that Obama won twice, you know. To try to persuade them that they've been suckered by this guy. Now, the president is going to say, 3% unemployment. What's wrong with that? Why do you want to turn back from that? That is not going to be an easy argument to refute. That's what he is trying to do. But that is not.

BIANNA GOLODRYGA: And Biden is going to say, where did the 3.2% start from? Where did it originate from? And that started from--

JOHN BERMAN: He uses the Obama name.

GOLODRYGA: It started from the Obama administration and the recovery the Obama administration made years before from the greatest financial crisis since the great depression.

CAMEROTA: Yeah I mean the meager jobs numbers could help Biden's case if he says, you know, because of the tariff threat, et cetera, things are accelerating.

Golodryga, sounding more like a Democrat strategist, rambled on about how Biden could argue that none of Trump’s successes were earned. “[I]nheriting $200 million, which he squandered, and he’s saying, he’s now doing the same thing with this economy, which our administration handed him,” she said, as if she were Biden’s spokesperson.

Host John Berman pointed out that they had a copy of Biden’s upcoming speech and he brings up President Obama in the first page, taking credit for the auto bailout as one of his accomplishments. Golodryga gushed that Biden could take credit for “bringing both sides together” during the Obama administration:

[Y]ou don't want to ride the Obama coattails and not present anything new, but to his credit, he was a huge player, in the sense that Obama knew he was a man with relationships on both sides of the aisle throughout the Obama administration. So any time any policy was in jeopardy, who was it that came in to try to save the day, to bring both sides together? It was Joe Biden...

Toobin pointed out that working with Republicans wouldn’t appeal to the progressive base who found the GOP “irredeemable.”

H/T: Mediaite