'View' Hosts Hope 'Stupid' Don Jr. Winds Up in Handcuffs Over Ignoring Subpoena

May 10th, 2019 1:38 PM

Friday on The View, the hosts spent their politics segment attacking President Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., as a “stupid” criminal who was unquestionably “guilty as all get out,” of conspiring with the Russians to help Trump win the 2016 election. The topic arose from the news that the Republican chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee had subpoenaed the president’s son to talk about his answers to Mueller about the 2016 Trump Tower meeting. Rumors that he would ignore the subpoena outraged the hosts, who bitterly clung to their belief that the Mueller report didn’t clear President Trump of collusion.

The hosts first played a clip of President Trump expressing frustration that his son was being subpoenaed, after giving hours of testimony to Robert Mueller already and the report “exonerating” him. Guest host Tara Setmayer, an anti-Trump CNN Republican sneered that Trump was wrong, and that the report said that “Donald Trump Junior was too stupid to be able to conspire with the Russians, was not savvy enough to pull it off!” as she laughed.

Huntsman pointed out that Richard Burr, the Republican Senate Intel Chair, was “well-respected” but now was being criticized for calling for this subpoena. Setmayer praised him for continuing to drag this out, or as she put it, “do what’s right:”

“Burr is not running for reelection so he was able to get some testicular fortitude and decide to go against the party and do what’s right,” she gushed, adding that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell tried to squash the idea that the Senate would now find collusion:

“McConnell went out there and tried to say case closed. Really they know, it's not case closed!” she gushed, as the hosts pointed out Don Jr.’s involvement in the Trump Tower meeting.

She continued to seethe that he was too much of a yes-man to not tell his father about that incident: “Does anyone really believe that Don Jr., who can't go to the bathroom without telling his dad, didn't tell his father about the Trump Tower meeting? Of course he did!”

Co-host Sunny Hostin boasted about her career as a federal prosecutor, saying it was obvious that he was guilty. “There's sources saying he's going to plead the fifth. In my experience as a federal prosecutor when they plead the fifth they're as guilty as all get out,” she said, adding that if he refused to appear, a federal marshal should escort him out in handcuffs.

“Is that going to happen?” Joy Behar eagerly wanted to know.

“It's not going to happen unless Mitch McConnell finds him in contempt of the subpoena,” Hostin said grimly.

“Well, no chance of that,Behar rolled her eyes in disgust.

Setmayer complained that “Republicans should know better” to not ignore subpoenas because “The Founding Fathers wanted people to be held accountable.”

The whiny segment ended with the hosts complaining about Mitch McConnell.

“It's Mitch Mcconnell again,” Sunny Hostin sighed.

“He’s the devil. McConnell is the devil!” Behar exclaimed emphatically before cutting to commercial.