Stephanopoulos Slams Sanders on WH 'Culture of Lying', While Urging Nadler to Impeach Trump

April 19th, 2019 10:07 AM

As we saw the media meltdown Thursday upon the release of the Mueller report which found no collusion between Trump and Russia, journalists quickly began renewing their push to impeach the president over obstruction, instead.

On ABC's Good Morning America, anchor George Stephanopoulos interviewed both White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) in back to back interviews that showed just how committed to pushing the Democrat agenda ABC is.



With Sanders, Stephanopoulous was combative and repeatedly interrupted her defenses of President Trump to call her a liar. He even opened with slamming the White House’s “culture of lying” which is ironic coming from a former Bill Clinton staffer:

That was the first headline that we had saying he didn't reach the conclusion there was a criminal conspiracy but what the report also does is expose a culture of lying at the White House, the president lying, telling others to lie and it calls your personal credibility into question as well...That’s not a slip of the tongue, Sarah, that's a deliberate false statement.


Sarah, I’ve got to stop you there because you said something else to the Special Counsel. Hold on a second….Why can't you acknowledge that what you said then was not true.


In fact, Sarah, what you did -- Sarah, hold on a second…why did you tell the press that the President did not dictate that statement when he did?


You said the president did not dictate that statement after consulting with the President so did he tell you that, and why did you repeat that to the country?


Sarah, Sarah! That's just not what happened. You said the President didn't dictate the statement. The president's lawyer said that he did dictate the statement. That's what they wrote.

Unsurprisingly, Stephanopoulos took the opposite tone with Nadler, letting him go on long-winded rants about how the Trump administration, Sanders and Bill Barr were liars who couldn’t be trusted, even denying the Mueller report's findings that there was no collusion. The ABC anchor didn’t push back on any of these statements.

Instead, he urged the Democrat to start impeachment proceedings:

“You're the chairman of the Judiciary Committee. You can open impeachment proceedings,” he argued, adding again later, “[A] lot of legal experts believe you would be on much stronger ground to get that grand jury evidence if you actually opened an official impeachment proceeding!”