ABC's Vega Rebukes Trump for Comments on Due Process: 'Kavanaugh Was Never Proven Innocent!'

ABC’s Good Morning America strongly rebuked President Trump Tuesday morning for daring to suggest that our country’s judicial system runs on the concept of “innocent until proven guilty.” Trump made these comments during the public swearing-in ceremony of Justice Brett Kavanaugh Monday evening, adding that Kavanaugh was “proven innocent” under “historic scrutiny.” That last line really irked ABC reporter Cecilia Vega who declared repeatedly how false this was.

But first Vega sneered at President Trump for holding a public swearing in ceremony, “just for show:”

It was a swearing in fit for primetime. A dramatic entrance by the president and his supreme court pick, the other eight justices there looking on, the applause from supporters roaring. And it was all just for show. Justice Kavanaugh had actually been officially sworn in over the weekend, but with the nation watching, President Trump wanted deliver a message.

Before taking issue with one particular statement Trump made about Kavanaugh and due process:

TRUMP: Our country, a man or a woman, must always be presumed innocent unless and until proven [ applause ] You, sir, under historic scrutiny were proven innocent. Thank you. [ Applause ] Thank you very much.

VEGA: But Justice Brett Kavanaugh was never proven innocent and while the president now says Kavanaugh was victimized by a hoax, less than two weeks ago he declared accuser Christine Blasey Ford a credible witness.

Vega begrudgingly noted Kavanaugh took a “very different tone” from his “combative testimony” at Monday night’s ceremony, speaking “directly to his doubters.” ABC highlighted parts of his speech where he spoke about unity and being grateful for the position.

Stephanopoulos added his own backhanded compliment, griping, “So, the Justice now striking the right notes now, of course, very different from his confirmation hearings.”

But he argued, this was just political. “What the president wants is for everybody to remember Kavanaugh 30 days from now at the midterms,” the anchor noted.

Vega agreed that Trump was using this victory as fodder for the midterms, but she bitterly slammed the president again for presuming Kavanaugh’s “innocence.” A bit rich for the ABC reporter to become irate over since the media repeatedly declared Kavanaugh’s guilt without any presumption of innocence:

“We've seen a full arc here from him saying that Christine Blasey Ford was credible to that stunning moment overnight where he declared Justice Kavanaugh innocent, that did not happen. The judge was not declared innocent!” she lectured, adding:

“The president said outright yesterday this is going to help him. The fight for Kavanaugh will help Republicans in the midterms George, this is a political line for him that I do not think will go away any time in the next few weeks,” she wrapped up the report.

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