Hysterical CNN: 'Founding Fathers' Would Be 'Upset' Today; Americans 'Ought Not Have Faith in Their Supreme Court'

October 5th, 2018 6:47 PM

Upon hearing that Judge Brett Kavanaugh had the votes be confirmed, a CNN panel at the 4:00pm EST hour responded as you would expect, with hysterical tirades against the “sexism” and “racism” of America, adding that the Founding Fathers would be upset today, and this confirmation would energize women to vote against Republicans at the midterm elections this November.

Anchor Jim Sciutto led up to this pathetic pity party with a truly gag-worthy interview with Democrat Dick Durbin. Sciutto asked smarmy softballs like, “Are you disappointed, personally, in Senator Manchin?” That led into a panel discussion with, four liberals and one conservative. Former President Clinton adviser Paul Begala began by bemoaning how divisive the Supreme Court had become, (because Democrats hadn’t gotten their way):

“The court is not on the level after today. Americans ought not have faith in their Supreme Court,” he began before going on a slanderous tirade, accusing Reagan nominee Robert Bork of being a racist. Former John McCain presidential campaign adviser Adolfo Franco hit back at Begala’s remarks, arguing that Democrats had pulled this same stunt with Bork and Clarence Thomas. An appalled Jim Sciutto tried to trap the Republican, scoffing, “Are you saying that the allegations against Thomas were manufactured?”

Franco cited Clarence Thomas’s defense that he experienced a “high tech lynching” before the Senate, while fellow panelist Nina Turner objected with, “Dr. Hill was smeared!”

Fellow panelist Tara Setmayer, who still calls herself a Republican despite arguing for the liberal side every time, shook her head in disgust before going on her own feminist tirade against Republicans who tried to sympathize with Ford’s story but still supported Kavanaugh:

It's a cover for people who just think that they would rather put the political partisanship of a Supreme Court nomination ahead of women in this country who have experienced sexual assault. You cannot say you legitimately believe her, but think she was mixed up and didn't know who her accuser was...So that is an insult. Either you believe her or you don't. And clearly, Republicans do not. And the message they have sent now to women is that, well, we believe you sort of, but not if it gets in the way of someone ascending to political power.

Nina Turner went on her own rant claiming that these announced votes show America doesn’t want to “deal with sexism, racism and sexual assault.”

After the break, Setmayer alleged that Democrats and women were going to come out in full force at the Midterms to vote Republicans out, whining that the Founding Fathers would be disappointed at the vote today:

The Founding Fathers set it up they warned us about factions, didn't like the idea about parties. And they would be very upset with seeing the way the Supreme Court has been factionalized, that I think should be disturbing to everyone. If that's a motivating force, I think you're going to see women already in record numbers running for office. Women already in record numbers coming out. That's only going to be amplified by this.

Begala added that “women are going to be furious!” while Republican men, satisfied with Kavanaugh’s nomination will stay home and “watch football” instead of vote.

The panel derailed at that point as Franco disagreed and argued for “due process,” Setmayer claimed that Ford didn’t get due process and Turner alleged Kavanaugh was the person “most likely lying” in this whole situation.