View's Hostin Praises Anonymous WH Leaker: ‘This Person Is Probably Saving Our Country’

September 6th, 2018 3:08 PM

Thursday the hosts of ABC’s The View opened the show by gushing about the anonymous op-ed printed in The New York Times September 5, which was supposedly written by a senior member of the administration that’s part of the “resistance” against Trump. Most of the panel only had positive things to say about the article, with co-host Sunny Hostin even characterizing the anonymous writer as a hero who was “saving” America from Trump.


Co-host Whoopi Goldberg first asked Huntsman her take, considering her father works in the White House as the Ambassador to Russia.

She joked, “My dad did not [write it], as far as I know. He's a patriot,” she stated, adding that she empathized with the "honest" writer of the op-ed saying they had to make a moral decision on whether or not to stay in the White House:

It's a decision that you have to make. Do you serve someone that you often disagree with. You don't love their style of leadership, but you love this country. You feel like what you can do in your job can help everybody else out. You can be as the article said, the adult in the room. What do you do? Do you step aside and you say I'm going to resign? Say I'm going to be fired? If I'm speaking for myself, I would rather have the best people in the room to help this country.

Co-host Joy Behar didn’t feel like this was consequential saying Republicans weren’t going to stop Trump, anyhow. “The feckless Republican leadership will do nothing about it and so what's the point?” she sneered before adding that maybe after Kavanaugh is confirmed, the Republican establishment will finally abandon Trump:

“Once they get Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court, it's possible they'll turn on Trump, too. Because they will have gotten everything they want. Why do you need him anymore. You could have Pence this there, who will do the same thing!” she ranted.

Hostin had the most forceful take, praising the leaker as some kind of hero.

I think this person is patriot. I think this person is certainly putting our country first,” she gushed. She theorized this person was from the military because of how it was written and because they referenced John McCain. “But I also -- I also think that this person is probably saving our country. You know, when you think about it. I really do,” she gushed as the audience applauded.

Whoopi had a different opinion than everyone else at the table. She actually argued that this op-ed was favorable to Trump and it seemed like it was planted purposefully to draw sympathy for the President:

"Something about this -- there is something stinky about the op-ed for me,” she said. “[I]t gives all of the -- what's the better word -- the folks who think there's a deep state and all that kind of stuff. It sort of gives them more things to make this particular man in the White House a victim. Look at what they're doing to him. Look at how they're treating him. I'm not positive that I believe this is from someone who is actually doing stuff," she stated.

Huntsman guessed it was probably someone who was “a career diplomat,” who wasn’t appointed by Trump, but was more of an independent and felt like they’re “speaking for a number of other people who feel the exact same way they do.”