‘Shameful!’ ‘View’ Bashes Ivanka, Kushner for ‘Crashing’ McCain Funeral

September 4th, 2018 2:50 PM

The View returned Tuesday for its 22nd season on ABC, with new host Abby Huntsman, former host of Fox and Friends Weekend and daughter of Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman. The panel spent a good portion of the show discussing Senator John McCain’s funeral as co-host Meghan McCain was absent from the table. After praising their co-host for making a veiled swipe at Trump during her eulogy for her father, the panel moved on to slam First Daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband, fellow White House adviser Jared Kushner for daring to attend the funeral.

Noting their appearance, host Whoopi Goldberg called in to question whether they were really invited. “Apparently Senator Lindsey Graham claims no one was there who the family didn't want there. We kind of heard something a little different,” she stated. (Goldberg couldn’t make it to the funeral but her other co-hosts did attend.) 

Co-host Abby Huntsman agreed there was tension for the couple being there and it had to be awkward with all of the "shots" taken at President Trump during the funeral. But Joy Behar argued it was “good” for Ivanka and Jared to have to listen to that.

“It was good for them to sit there and hear that. Let them sit there. They put the camera on them a lot. Every person that spoke had a subtext against Trump. I don’t care what you say. It was there. They had to listen to that. So good,” she claimed.

But co-host Sunny Hostin thought it was horrible for them to even be there. “I think it was in poor taste that they showed up. I think that the family was very clear about who the family wanted there. I'm not sure why Lindsey Graham extended the invitation,” she gushed.

Huntsman agreed that it was awkward for a member of Trump’s family to be at McCain’s funeral, after Trump had called into question McCain’s service.

“Imagine being the daughter of a war hero and you have the sitting president who at one point questioned whether he was a hero because he was captured. Imagine what’s going on in her mind,” she began, as the rest of the panel jumped into attack mode.

“Especially by someone who has never been to war. Let's start with that!” Whoopi gushed as the audience applauded. Hostin added with emphasis, “They should not have been there. They should not have been there.”

“Imagine being in her shoes and being that daughter and feeling those emotions, you would have the same exact reaction,” Huntsman added.

An upset Hostin gushed, “Who crashes a funeral? You just don't do that. You just don’t do that. I thought it was shameful that they were there. I really do. I stand by that.”

But Behar strangely came to Ivanka’s defense. “I don't 100% agree with that. She's not responsible for the stupid things her father does,” Behar offered. Hostin didn’t agree, claiming that Ivanka was representing her father by attending the funeral and she had done “nothing” to stand up to him for “separating families” and making “racist remarks:”

She's an adviser to this president and she does nothing! In my opinion. She stands there while he separates families. She stands there while he criticizes people. She stands there while he says all the racist remarks that he says. And she’s supposed to be his adviser and Now she's representing her father in my opinion at the funeral when her own father was not invited to be there.

Behar also brought up John Kelly attending the funeral and Huntsman argued that these were people just doing their jobs, not necessarily in full agreement with what Trump does or says.

At that, Hostin remarked that Ivanka and Jared should just quit then. “Maybe she should resign. Maybe they both should resign!” she gushed as the audience applauded that notion.

“Maybe they should stop making money off of this presidency!” she added, to which Behar agreed.

Huntsman argued that as the daughter of someone who was working in the administration, she felt that there was many conversations behind closed doors where advisers expressed disagreement with President Trump, but, she suggested the media wasn’t interested.

“There are always two sides of the story not out in the public,” she stated as they closed to commercial.