Chris Cuomo: Trump ‘Made a Joke' Out of Women’s March With Positive Economy Tweet

While the media loves when Democrats “burn” the president with a clever comment, they can’t handle it when he does the same back at them.

Before last Saturday’s “Women’s March,” Trump sent out praise for the protesters by noting the great strides the economy has made for women, under his presidency. Many on the left complained that Trump had “missed the point,” of the anti-Trump march, including CNN’s Chris Cuomo, who whined about the clever tweet on his show, Cuomo Primetime January 22.

During a lengthy, unwieldy interview with Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway, she directed the conversation to the march and Trump’s tweet.

With a smirk on his face, the CNN host bashed the tweet as Trump bragging.

“The one where the president was tweeting--”

“Great tweet,” Conway said with a grin mid-sentence as Cuomo continued.

“-- that all the people were out there marching to say how great he's done?” Cuomo snarked.

“No, no, no, how great the economy is. We have the lowest unemployment rate for women in 17 years,” she touted.

But Cuomo was offended by Trump’s snarky take on the left-wing protest. “You know that’s not why they were marching,” he lectured Conway.

He continued complaining about how “insulting” it was for Trump to be poking fun at an event that was literally organized to protest his election, last year.

Isn't that insulting to all those women out there who are looking for leadership and looking for someone to get behind them and instead he makes a joke out of their March?” Cuomo whined.

But Conway turned the tables on Cuomo, saying it wasn’t “a joke” that the economy was improving for women.

“Woah, woah woah. It's no joke that the women's unemployment rate is the lowest in 17 years. It is no joke that over a half a million new women entered the workforce on his watch,” she noted.

“And it's no joke that they don't get equal pay and women like you have been forced to do it twice as hard as men to get to the same place and it’s not right, and you know it,” the resident male feminist host gushed, as the pair continuously spoke over each other.

“I certainly have, but not here and not for this boss--” Conway defended her White House salary.

The pair continued talking over each other as Cuomo finished his tirade against Trump:
“--and you guys are in a position to do something about it, and instead he's tweeting little tongue in cheek about it. Why? Why wasn’t he out there?” Cuomo asked.



Yes, he literally asked why Trump was not present to “support” a march that was largely composed of anti-Trump protesters.

But Conway changed direction, wondering why the marchers didn’t have the same complaints about the economy under President Obama.

“Chris. I'm sorry. Wait a second. Women didn't get equal pay after eight years of President Obama? Millions of women are in poverty. Millions of women lack health care benefits--” Conway snarked back.

“I thought he was going to do better. I thought he cherished women!” Cuomo retorted.

“He is doing better, but we've been here for one year as opposed to the eight years that we inherited. Don't do that. Don't say that women are better off after eight years where this president is trying to make that better,” Conway snipped.

“No. I just said the opposite,” the Cuomo disagreed with Conway’s interpretation of his comments. He self-righteously complained again that women “deserve better, not jokes about why they’re out there marching”:

I said they're not better off. They're not getting equal pay. They deserve better, not jokes about why they're out there marching. These are very serious issues. We know he can't talk about one of the major reasons they're out there marching. He can’t even talk about that.

A fed-up Conway then changed topics to talk about Democrats shutting down the government this past weekend.


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