NY Times Actually Asks, Which Is Worse: Nuclear Bomb or Climate Change?

If you've ever wondered how wildly out-of-touch the media is, look no further than The New York Times’ Twitter account. Friday morning, the leading newspaper in the country actually wondered if climate change would be a "greater threat" for the island of Guam than being hit with a nuclear bomb. The New York Times’ World section’s Twitter account proposed the ludicrous question earlier this morning, to much deserved backlash.



Of course this did not go over well. Dozens of replies mocked the paper for making such an absurd comparison:




Perhaps embarrassed by the amount of ridicule the tweet procured, the Times’ social media manager modified the tweet when retweeting it a few hours later to read, “North Korea’s missiles may be one threat to Guam, but scientists are warning of another: climate change.”

This comes on the heels of another media outlet’s idiotic tweet downplaying the North Korean threat. The Associated Press wondered Thursday evening in a tweet, “Should” the U.S. shoot down North Korean missiles if they were headed towards the U.S.?




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