'The View' Campaigns for Non-Existent 2020 Presidential Candidate Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Clinton is making her rounds in the media this week to promote her new children’s feminist book, (that includes a special cameo of her mother!), aptly titled "She Persisted." After one fawning interview on NBC’s Today show Tuesday, Clinton was ready for another cushy interview on Wednesday’s The View.

Not only did Clinton get the typical glib treatment from the liberal panel, but one host actually begged her to run for president in 2020, after her mother ran and lost two presidential races already.

While she was on the show, Clinton really only faced one difficult political question, which of course came from right-leaning host Jedediah Bila.

Bila asked how her mother was responding to backlash over not accepting responsibility for her part in losing the election. Chelsea mimicked her mother, in denying that their “team” did anything wrong, before meandering to basically avoid having to give a direct answer the question.

Towards the end of the softball interview, which focused mainly on Chelsea herself and her children, host Sara Haines proudly presented Clinton with a bumper sticker that read, Clinton/Clinton '20.” The audience and panel erupted in applause and laughter while a huge faux presidential banner was displayed on the screen behind the table. 

SARA HAINES: You said you’re not interested in running for political office, but your political tweets do give people hope. Is there anything that would change your mind? [Applause]

Since Clinton is written twice, it’s not clear if Haines was urging her mother to run again as a mother/daughter tag team, or she just didn’t know who to put down as Chelsea’s potential VP.

Clinton repeated what she’d said before, that she has no plans on running for politics, but would be supporting women who do. Whoopi then cut to a commercial by teasing: “So everybody calm down. It’s not happening in 2020.

Before this embarrassing display, Joy Behar couldn’t help but mourn with Chelsea over the election, much like NBC did yesterday. “When your mother didn’t win the election, a lot of people on my team were very upset and devastated and really surprised, frankly,” Behar began. “How did you help your mom to cope with it, after this devastating loss to the country?” she sympathetically asked Clinton.

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