Bette Midler: GOP Are ‘#HomeGrownAssads’ ‘Gassing Their Own’ With Health Care Bill

May 8th, 2017 11:47 AM

When the House passed the GOP’s ObamaCare replacement, the AHCA last Thursday, there was no shortage of angry celebrities attacking the GOP in profanity-laced tweets, claiming the GOP “will pay” for it come election time. Looks like the anger has not died down in Hollywood yet. Actress and singer Bette Midler followed the rest of her ilk’s partisan and vile lead, tweeting that the GOP was “gassing their own people” by repealing ObamaCare.

Of course, Bashar al-Assad is the Syrian President who has been accused of gassing his own people in devastating chemical attacks over the last few years (including last month). President Trump responded to the chemical attack by launching a series of missile strikes as a warning against Assad.

This isn’t the first time Midler has peddled ridiculous accusations against the GOP. Midler has an apparent penchant for comparing the Republican party to terrorist groups and Middle East dictators.

In 2013, Midler accused the House Republicans of being “as bad as the Taliban,” blaming them for the government shutdown that lasted two weeks. In another tweet about the shutdown she said Republicans were holding America “hostage” like “Osama [sic] Ben Laden.”