Daily Show: Fox News Sounds Just Like North Korean Propaganda

On Monday’s The Daily Show, host Trevor Noah compared Fox News to North Korea’s state controlled media.

Noah began the segment playing a clip from the March 25 Justice With Judge Jeanine show, where host Jeanine Pirro is shown criticizing Paul Ryan for “selling" President Trump a failed health care bill. Noah then mocked Pirro blaming Ryan instead of Trump for not being able to get it passed. But he really went over the top at one part, comparing Pirro’s fervent delivery to socialist propaganda:

NOAH: Wow. That Fox News [bleep] was insane. No, in fact it sounded just like North Korea’s propaganda news.

Noah then proceeded to play a news clip from North Korea’s state TV of a woman reading off news in an animated way.

That’s exactly the same. In case you’re wondering, she was also blaming Paul Ryan,” he joked.

While Pirro is allegedly a longtime friend and supporter of Trump, not everyone at Fox News shares her unwavering support. There is certainly a mixture of opinion and straight news programs on the network, so comparing an opinion show to a socialist country’s state-controlled media is quite an overstatement. Additionally, critics of Trump do frequently appear on the news network to give their commentary, and that would never be allowed in a country like North Korea.

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