'The View' Crew Beg You to Take Them Seriously: ‘People Get Their News From This Show!’

February 9th, 2017 3:12 PM

Thursday on ABC’s The View, the panel touted their reputation for not just being a fluff show but giving their viewers hard-hitting news. Unsurprisingly, the mostly-liberal panel didn’t realize that opinionated, unhinged rants about Trump are not the same as fact-based, unbiased news reporting.

The show began with their guest, Quantico actress Priyanka Chopra, praising the panel for their preparation before each show.

CHOPRA: I just after going through what you guys go through every single morning I just want to tell everyone guys, I have so much respect for these ladies.

After audience applause and the panel egging Chopra on to explain in more detail what they do every morning, she said:

CHOPRA: There was this whole meeting with 25 people giving you information about everything that's happened while you were asleep. While I was asleep what all has happened in the world? Newfound respect ladies, really.

Joy Behar and Sara Haines urged Chopra to keep on coming with the praise before noting how the staff works together “like a clock” to keep them informed.

BEHAR: We come out here and act like we just made it up!

To follow up, Behar segued into the next segment asking if their show focused on Trump and politics, too much.

JOY BEHAR: [P]eople are fighting right now about whether we talk too much about Trump or not. I feel like, every day he gives us material. And the world seems to be crashing around us. What are we supposed to talk about, our nails? I mean come on.

As per usual, Jedediah Bila was the only host to disagree that they should focus solely on Trump.

Bila asked, “Don't you think we need a balance, though?” before arguing that viewers need to “have an escape.”

JEDEDIAH BILA: The ideal is be informed. Stay on top of things. But find your escape, whatever that may be and laugh and enjoy your life.

But Behar argued that the show should remain heavily focused on politics. This show is not an escape. This show should not be an escape,” she disagreed forcibly.  

Sunny Hostin jumped in to agree with Joy, touting the View’s reputation for giving the people hard-hitting news.

SUNNY HOSTIN: People get their news from this show

CHOPRA: People get a lot of information from this show

Chopra added that she finds the show very educational” and “cohesive” in presenting a range of views.

CHOPRA: I think what I get out of it is your debates and your point of views and it gives me a very cohesive look at what people, what you think about every topic that you discuss. And I think that’s what I take away from it. News, pop culture. Just everything is very educational.