Kimmel Mocks Trump Upset at Media With ‘Trump TV’ Parody

January 31st, 2017 12:09 PM

Monday night on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, the late-night host mocked the President’s hostile relationship with the press by giving him a fake pro-Trump news network. Kimmel opened the segment with feigned sympathy, snarking that the media was “very hard” on Trump but he “deserved” “even-handed” coverage, before playing a clip from “Trump TV.”

JIMMY KIMMEL: You know, I have to say the press is very hard on our president. Seems like they criticize almost everything he does. Fortunately there's a new totally unbiased outlet whose mission it is to make sure Donald Trump gets the even handed coverage he deserves.

The fake newsreel started with a Fox News-like graphic, and continued by summarizing recent political news, from the immigration ban to Trump’s meeting with Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May. The female narrator parodied Trump’s braggadocious “voice,” spinning each story to making Trump look petty and deceptive.

The clip ended by mocking Kellyanne Conway as “creepy,” and joking that Jesus would “agree on banning refugees.”

There’s something especially ironic about ABC mocking Trump for not being “tough enough” to handle media criticism, when ABC News slobbered over President Obama’s presidency from the beginning. ABC was the network whose own reporter Bill Weir gushed about the “seagulls” being “awed” at President Obama’s Inauguration in 2009.