Cokie Roberts: ‘Not True’ That Hillary Is ‘Inauthentic'; Democrats Are the ‘Diverse’ Party

Longtime liberal hack Cokie Roberts made an appearance on Good Morning America Thursday morning, back to her usual shtick of defending Clinton and bashing those “racist” Republicans. During a segment on Chelsea Clinton, who will speak at tonight’s DNC event, Roberts argued that the public was wrong in its perception of Hillary Clinton as “inauthentic” before throwing in a punch at Republicans as the non- “diverse” party.

A chyron read, “Is she Hillary’s Secret Weapon?” (wasn’t that supposed to be Bill?) as anchors George Stephanopoulos and Robin Roberts asked Cokie Roberts, what Chelsea could do to help her mother’s image during her speech tonight. After agreeing that Chelsea was an important factor, Roberts deviated to defend Clinton’s “authenticity.”

ROBERTS: It's interesting, apparently in focus groups people feel when Hillary Clinton talks about her grandchildren that it's inauthentic which is not true. But she's got to somehow get it across that she is authentic and Chelsea is the easiest way to do it.

After that groan-worthy statement, Roberts dove into the Republican party’s “shift” in the 1960s, claiming that was the time Republicans became racist and today’s party is not diverse, like the Democrats are:

ROBERTS: I've seen the incredible diversity of this party mainly and that is what you do see, the difference between the two parties at the conventions. And that first one was 1964 where the big fight was to get the Mississippi freedom Democrats seated as an integrated delegation. It didn't work but what it did was set the tone for the democratic party going forward and that's what happens at conventions. So all those arcane things that happen and the rules committee and platform committee and all that does set a tone for the party going forward.

This rhetoric coming at this time was no accident. Cokie has been utilizing this tired attack against Republicans for the past seven months. In January she ranted that the GOP “[C]an’t keep winning by being a bunch of old, grumpy white men.” In March, she called out Trump for allegedly promoting “playground” racism, and in May, she claimed Trump was bringing back “the Jim Crow South.”

Most recently she brought up “racist Republicans” again on NPR saying that the GOP “became much more racist” after the Civil Rights Bill.

Immediately following Cokie’s interview on ABC, a panel of rookie ABC reporters talked with Roberts and Stephanopoulos about their time on the campaign trail and how personable and “real” Hillary Clinton was on the campaign trail. One reporter said that there’s this “fascination about who she is as a person” and even though she’s been “in the public eye for 20 years, people still feel like they don’t know her.” After this, the same reporter praised Hillary as “very funny” and a good listener.

Is it ABC’s job now to change the public perception of Hillary Clinton as a robot and a liar, while demonizing her opponents as old, racist, white guys?

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