Media, Planned Parenthood Blast ‘Creepy’ ‘Loathsome’ Cruz/Fiorina Ticket

April 27th, 2016 6:30 PM

Late Wednesday afternoon, GOP presidential nominee Ted Cruz announced former presidential candidate and Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina as his potential running mate. Even before Fiorina came on stage, liberal journalists and pro-abortion groups logged onto social media to mock the pair’s appearance, policies and lack of “experience in office.”

The liberal media’s favorite victim, Planned Parenthood, was of course the harshest critic calling the two “the most loathsome pair of anti-abortion extremists in America.”

Josh Barro, Senior Editor for Business Insider, MSNBC analyst and contributor to The New York Times made a cheap shot at Fiorina’s reputation at HP and Cruz’s looks:

Isn’t it ironic how the media downplays the much more serious issue of Hillary’s recklessness while in office with the email scandal but consistently bashes Fiorina as a “bad CEO”? Or how it’s “sexist” to say that Hillary Clinton’s yelling voice can be grating to the ears, but it's perfectly okay to mock Cruz’s appearance?

Sunny Hostin, CNN legal analyst and co-host on ABC’s The View called Fiorina’s singing to Cruz’s kids, “creepy.”

Alex Burns, reporter for The New York Times and formerly Politico took issue with Fiorina’s business experience, supposedly making her one of “the media elites.”

Jonathan Alter, MSNBC analyst and Daily Beast columnist made the same complaint, defending Trump and Clinton:

While Burns and MSNBC’s chief legal analyst Ari Melber, complained about Cruz and Fiorina’s lack of “experience in elected office.”